Friday, May 15, 2015


All in the space of one day, a job I interviewed for closer to home offered me a position and my husband and I were chosen to be parents again.  That isn't to say that everything that happened before or even is happening now has become obsolete.  But when you endure the process and decide to trust God with all the things you have no quick answers for (like the one described in the last post), crazy things happen.  The truth is, even while we do not know how things are going to end up with the little one that we were hoping to adopt, basically all in one day prayers were answered.  We were chosen.  Being chosen for another little life does not mean we are trying to replace the one we still love even now, but to add a new life with ours in the mean time.

It's something to that, you know?  It's something to being chosen rather than choosing your path yourself. 

We all want to say we have chosen our own paths.  We dictate our own futures.  To a certain degree that is true.  But what happens when you put it all in God's hands and trust Him when you step out in faith?  He has a tendency to challenge your plans.  He has a tendency to choose you for a season where everything is so new that you don't even know how to do anything except trust Him.