Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Mother's Prayer

This is the prayer of my heart today, as I care for the children entrusted to my care, the three little girls that needed a home and needed my heart:

Lord, please help me to be the best mom I can be at this time, for these precious babies you have lent to us. Please help me impact their lives in a positive way, giving them the opportunities to experience life like they never have before. Do not let me cause any more harm, stress, pain, or grief than they have already experienced in their short lives. Please be our Provision, our Source, our Peace, our Safety.

Thank you for the privilege of mothering another's children. Being a mother is such an honor that I would never take it lightly...

In Jesus Precious Name...thank you Father for giving me your Fathering and Mothering Heart...Help me to always see them like you see them...Queen Esthers for their generation...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Beautiful Additions

My sister friend Tashara and her husband Idris have a new baby boy added to their family about a little more than a month ago. His name is Raphiel and has joined his brother Josiah in Myowneworld's Beautiful Baby Club. Wouldn't you agree?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Derrion Albert...the Face Behind the War for Our Youth

The youth violence that is so prevalent in the major cities of this country is so heartbreaking. Hearing the story of the young man that killed outside of his high school on Chicago's South Side made me realize that as a believer in Christ, I have to hit my knees and prayer more vigorously for the children and teens in this country.

I saw the video of this baby being beaten to death senselessly by a group of young men displaying dangerous out of control behavior. I saw this baby lose his life when he had nothing to do with the riot. I saw his mother weeping for her son. And I realized something.

The sound of the trumpet must be raised; the alarm of spiritual warfare for our children must resound across this land. There is no reason for all this violence except Satan himself wants to destroy our kids. Some people think it is a race issue, and perhaps it is. Some think it is a socioeconomic issue. It is partially that. But what we need to know is that there is a diabolical plot by the enemy of our souls to destroy mankind, starting with our children and teens. The enemy is seeking to devour our babies. The issues that spur the violence are not the reason for the violence.

There is a root cause that the Church must combat through fasting, prayer, and action. It is not enough to carry out the spiritual disciplines. It is not enough to pray. It is not enough to take action by physically being present. We must do all three things to make the impact this nation and this world needs.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

When I Don't Know What God Has in Mind...

I embrace His will anyway.

Yesterday, I made room in my house for the arrival of two children. My niece is living with my mom and I after a long spiritual, physical, and emotional battle with the foster care system in Kent County, Michigan.

We received a phone call last week that the foster care agency would like for us to take her little sisters as well.

They are really just babies (5 and 2 years old respectively) and have been bounced from foster home to foster home. In my heart, I have wanted all three in my home since all this mess took place.

And now, the babies are coming.

I have always wanted to impact children in some way. The mothering heart beating within me has always desired to be a mother, and although this may only be temporary, I believe that for this small space in time, God wants me to open my heart, my life, and my home to these precious girls.

This is not the way I planned for my life to go, but I am willing to do whatever God has in mind. I am surrendering my will in exchange for His. And after reading Pastoral Musings from Rain City today, I realize that having that mentality is just what God desires. (If you have time, read the post for October 1st.) Being ready for my plans to change because God has His own agenda for me is the measure of being a Christian, that is the least that I can do.

And I am okay with that. I take joy in the fact that I have a chance to impact a life (three of them) and hopefully one day, the God that I love will be able to use this time of planting a seed of love to yield a bountiful harvest in their lives later.