Friday, July 2, 2010

Way Too Long...

I haven't posted on here in eons and I should be spanked for that. I have been so busy at work and publishing the book that I haven't been writing on here or anywhere else. Please forgive me for being so lazy.

I have so much to tell since my last post. I had my first book release party and signing and am hoping for many, many more. That was just an opportunity to see if I could do it and it worked out just fine. I didn't have a plethora of attendants but it was great being in an intimate setting with people that care so much about my dreams.

My job is going well and I am building my caseload. It is so much to remember for each case that I think I need to take some vitamins or something, but I am glad that I am in the trenches, doing the hard work of repairing families (or at least trying to). I do feel a bit lonely at work but with so much to do, I don't have a lot of time for fraternizing anyway.

I have met a really nice guy who is slowly stealing my heart. I of course don't want to rush anything with any of these things but I don't want to deny myself the pleasure of caring about someone and something bigger than myself.

Honestly, life is good. Things are constantly changing around me before I know what to do about any of it.

I have left the church I attended in my city of residence, and although that was hard and my relationship with my godmother has become distant (it's not like it hadn't become that anyway), I am so glad I stepped out in faith. It's so important to be where you are supposed to be even at the risk of changing your entire life.

That's where I am right now.

And now, we are in the midst of summer's warmth and new beginnings and love. That is the way life should be.